Thursday, November 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Superbody Photoshoot Behind the Scenes.

Designers: Simone Agius, Meg Hutchens, Bradin Younan, Jessica Hendrick, Joanna Henning, Tiffaeny Foo and Renee Le Hunt.
Models: Joanna Henning and Alice Taylor
Professional Photographer: Stuart Burnet
Make up Artist: Alia Melasecca
Location: Private Property Sorrento Front Beach
Anke Textile Designer (Hair): Meg Hutchens
Silke Textile Designer (Iridescent Wing): Bree Janes
Behind the scenes photo's: Renee Le Hunt & Tiffaeny Foo
Renee Le Hunt

Friday, October 22, 2010

Colour Palettes

So i have attached the final silke colour palette (bottom right) and then around it is a whole heap of possible colours for other stories bare in mind they will print differently to on screen viewing...

Feride would like us to have a master palette from which you can pick colours for your other stories
She mentioned that black nude grey are our basic colours from that and looking at zimmermanns tactic we would have 1-5 colours per story and 1-2 prints per story.

Feride likes it if the main colours come from the print eg silke print has strong use of the acid green therefore acid green goes in palette for this story.

Due to this she said that not all the colours in the silke palette had to be there (as group members were not using them all mainly black nude and green)

We can discuss this maybe on Thursday at photoshoot when we all about and not sewing :)

Feride suggested all of this as she thought it would be good to have some sort of colour synergy between our ranges even though we may pick different colour combinations atleast the colours would be working together.

comment away!

Renee Le Hunt

Monday, October 18, 2010


Silk prints arrived today and will be distributed Tuesday!

I also have questions (i know it is totally wayyyy early for this since protypes are on high priority) are we going to be using landscape or portrait for moodboard/themeboard rangeboard etc?

For lingerie my group used portrait which worked but I am not certain what other groups used/what worked?

Renee Le Hunt

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi Silke,

I emailed Bree last night just to see how she is going with prints and she said really well and that she should have them done for us by Monday :) and will drop them off to our building ...details to be confirmed! Just wondering who will be around on Monday? Let me know!

Renee Le Hunt

Monday, October 4, 2010

it continues...

Tigerlilly lookbook - spring / summer 2009
So the above two images are just examples of more lying down poses - as previously discussed :) Perhaps these would be more suited to the Silke ranges?

Tigerlilly lookbook - summer 2007

The above two images are from the Tigerlilly lookbook for summer 2007, and although this is not exactly our style - a few of us had a look at these in class and really liked the intensity of colour and beautiful skin of the models! Although we wont have this sort of colour in the background of our shots, we will have a strong contrast between the grey/white salt and the dark colours of our designs - maybe we can play around with the colour of some in photoshop?? (just on a different note - i really like the sitting image above - there is something about the angles and shapes created by her arms and legs??!) Also - this intensity of colour links back to what Renee has said below about Zimmerman shoots.

Tank - Liveshow Vol6 Issue 3 2010

Oyster - Realise Issue 81 2009
These two images are just more ideas about ways we could make our shoot a bit different - i have found a few shoots that have two models and i think it creates a really strong image - it plays around with the focus of the shot and also creates more of a narrative because of this interaction between the two girls...i know finding two models might be difficult but another option would be the first image - manipulating multiple images of the one girl - we wouldn't obviously do this for every shot but i thought it kind of worked into what Claire has been talking about with the futuristic moons etc. ?? As i mentioned in my last post - maybe we could also play around with some fabric or try and incorporate some movement into some of the shots too?
I will be heading down to geelong on Friday to take some photos (sorry couldn't get there last week because of the bike race!) so we will have a better idea of what we are working with and i can check-out the "conditions" we will be working in!:)

beaten to the punch

Oh! Lucette! you went all Superbod on us.

(I tried to choose the least Sass&Bide-esque images as possible, but there is a bit of an overlap...)

All images from Lucette

-claire x

Zimmermann High Summer range

This is from the Zimmermann High Summer range when I saw this photo I thoguht of how Jo described to me model rubbing salt/sand on her body and how this links with alot of previous photoshoot inspiration images!

Zimmermanns photoshoots always have quite vivid colour and a crisp look about them which is something Feride wanted us to consider however we could go against this as long as we justify why!

I also love the swimsuit I thought the bottoms could easily fit in our superbody theme!
I think all the images are now on Zimmermann website so go and check them out!

Renee Le Hunt